Weekend wedding

It’s almost over. But everyone’s life around here as revolved so much on this event, after saturday what’s everyone going to stress over then? I’m sure they will find something. they always do.

3 thoughts on “Weekend wedding”

  1. I’m not resentfull. I’m excited… but another way i’m disapointed. because once this is over.. it’s goign to be “what now” like when Lori was having her wedding. For months all we did was talk and plan and they would discuss shopping and deals they found and just all the mechanics and all that work and planning that after one evening and that was it.. it was all over. i mean.. it’s disapointing when your “expecting more bang for your buck” it was a beautifull cermony and i think everyone enoyed it. but that was it.. once it was over.. it was over. Now on the other hand, the current topic of the month is Sandy’s new baby. Now this is a gift that keeps on giving. Once it pops out.. that’s not goign to be it.. that will only be the begining. Now don’t go and tell them i want them to have a baby instead. i mean.. if that’s what they are planning then great.. but that’s not what i’m saying.
    When it’s all said and done, with wedding in general, I wish there was more to show for it than just a bag of bird seed.

  2. Oh Crap! The Birdseed……. what do you call those little things………….. Rice Bags! I forgot the rice bags……

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