it’s been a fun weekend.  Got to help Randell at the race track for “Nationals”  It twas actually kind of fun.  Watching 28 cars on the track all at once and everyone is tring to be in the top 12.  It’s kind of like watching hockey but instead of sticks the guys have 1/4 tons of weight behind them.  It’s also sort of wierd because your sitting around waiting for the next wreck. 

Also working on a plan to upgrade the main console at the church.  Going from a 14 year old mackie SR40x8 to a DigiDesign Venu D-Show console.  I could go on an on about what this thing can do but it will probably just bore you.  If you need a good nap click the link and read for yourself.  In the mean while i’ll just sit here and drool.