Well Fargo gone phishing

So I got this crafty email today:


Seams legit right?  I mean, except for the fact that it went to one of my junk email addresses.. So I inspect the link before I click (like all good boys should) and sure enough the first link was a valid wellsfargo link but the 2nd took me to knickerbockerpartners.com

So cautiously I proceed to see what they are trying to do..


so I give them my sworn enemy’s ssn since she hasn’t learned the importance of protecting herself from id theft yet. 


Now they want the pin number..

what happens after this.  It redirects back to the real site. 


In the time it took to make this post, the site appears to be inactive.  Phoey, I wanted to try a sql injection scheme aginst them to see if anyone actually fell for the bait.. possibly cut off their access too.  oh well.  maybe nexttime.