well paced weekend

It wasn’t a super busy weekend.  We got to actually hang out at the house and get things done, but we got alot done.  Friday we really didn’t do much.  I finally brought over my computer and installed it in the bedroom.  Also installed my new Roku Sound Bridge.  This is really cool.  Do you ever listen to internet radio stations?  Or your Ipod or stored music library?  with this gadget you can tune it into your music library or internet radio station and with Digital Coax or Fiberoptics out, you can play it through your home entertainment system.  I have it preset to “The Well Network“, “KLOVE” and “SmoothJazz” Saturday Patti cleaned the kitchen and the floors.   I woke up and put on my favorite pajama shirt.  I worked on laundry.  She took the kids to get there eye’s examined and fitted Hannah with contacts.  I worked on a few chores i needed to work on around the house.  They got back after lunch and we didn’t to to much else.  All the kids took off to different events so Patti and I went on a mini date.  I had to change my favorite pajama shirt though.  We got back home and got to hear about the races they went to.  I even got to put my favorite pajama shirt back on.  Sunday worship was actually pretty good.  Came home and rested for a while.  I got to have a lesson on the different types and uses of femine products.  I mean, i always knew that these things existed, and i knew which package i was sopoused to pick up when i was ent to the store for them, but that’s where the mystrey always ended.  And it’s not something guys talk about with other guys.  Like, what’s the point of an overnight?  why can’t you just stack up a bunch of the cheep ones on top of each other.  Needless to say it was a learning experience.  Came back to church later that day to get a list of things done as well as get ready for the Night of Worship.  We got some of it done but it wasn’t really hectic.  Tonight we’ll probably go back and finish off what we left to do.