well that was nice of someone

shortly after lunch i’m sitting here at my desk tweaking this install of hylafax and i get a craving for a soda.  Mind you, i’ve really be laying off them lately.  Today however i needed something just to get me through this hump.  I dug through my pockets (i picked up change off my desk this morning) put it all in the soda machine and the display indicated 35 cents short of the 85 cents needed for a soda.  ok fine, eject.

a few hours later i’m still sitting here working still on hylafax and i decide to go to the car to see if i can find any change there.  i found about 20 cents, maybe 25.  i decided to try again.  as i’m about to begin feeding my change i notice that somone had been there before me, and left a coin half deposited in the machine, like it didn’t get pushed in far enough.  i put in my coin, pushing in the first coin, continued till all my coins were gone.  looked over at what price i needed, again 85 cents, looked over at the display, and it read 85 cents!  so.. who ever left that coin there, this Dr. Pepper’s on you. 


how lame, all i can think of writing is the joy of getting a soda?  I try and put something on here fairly reguarly, some days just have less inspiration than others.  I keep visiting other friends blogs, like Aaroonn and Seph’s blog.  Wondering what they did for there honey moon, how marriage life is for them? etc etc.  they never write.  oh well.  I did get an email from Guy today.  He found a job that will be taking up his evenings.  Now will be a perfect change to get to start using Joe’s guys who’ve been wanting to run sound for us now that Guy wont’ be able to.  He was also asking about going to Cornerstone.

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  I don’t think i will be going back out there anymore.  The atmosphere isn’t what it used to be. I think i was able to get in at just the right time, went for  afew years, helped out in many capicities, but i also left at the right time.  CStone, like most things has sold out.  it’s a big comercial event full of sponsers and advertisiments.  It used to be about kicking back, getting away to this beautifull ranch in the middle of no where, hours away from a walmart.  No 3 Phase electricity.  Yeah, imagine running 2 huge concert stages, 10 mid size stages, a grocerty store with refers for ice, trailers for artist and office staff, a huge sump well for water not to mention all the travel trailers off one single phase circut.  the 2nd year i was there, rolling blackouts throughout the entire town because of cstone. 

I mean it wasn’t that terrible.  I enjoyed getting to work with all these big bands, getting to run professional sound and lighting equiptment in these venues.  Nothing can beat to rush of sitting in the sound booth middle of the concert (scaffold setup in the back of the tent) with thousands of people obviously enjoying the show, partly because of what your providing.  I guess the artist have something to do with it too.  But camping out was fun too.  I did it one year. I rode the 2 day trip in a church van one year.  I took showers in the, uh.. showers? there one year.  After that i was rental cars, hotel rooms, and air-conditioned hospitialy trailers for me.

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  1. Uh, dude, it’s called the clog. Most everything get’s posted there now. Odd Ln has become my spiritual dumping ground, so to speak. I noticed the RSS feed from the clog is gone. Go figure


    Thanks for you guys’ help with the wedding. As for the honeymoon, we just sat around and played Chinese Checkers. You know, the usual.

  2. Oh yeah-, sorry about that. In trying to stay ontop of the latest and greatest version of some plugin, i ended up breaking the site. Tring to find the offending plugin meant turning them all off and on one at a time until i found the one that was causing the grief. The feed is back and now i see where everyone has been.

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