we’re back

It was a great trip.  Patti was doing a presentation at the state convention of county and district clerks.  It was in college station so we made a vacation out of it. 

We got to see alot of old family members

Bryan 059

 The George Bush Library

Bryan 049Bryan 051Bryan 055Bryan 058 

The house i grew up in

Bryan 065Bryan 066Bryan 069Bryan 070Bryan 072

The Hosptial i was born in

Bryan 061Bryan 062

the elementry school i attended.

Bryan 075Bryan 076

We got to hang out with my cousins and with Gloria and John.  We got to drive around and just enjoy the time away.  It was fun getting to share part of my childhood with my wife.  And i think she enjoyed the time with my family.  They all love her.  I love her too.  She’s pretty great.