what a rip-off!

ok.. so i’ve been preparing myself for this surgery for how long now?  two weeks?  mostly because i’m afraid of the unknown.  the dentist is just tossing me over to this stranger and i’m sopoused to trust that i sit in the chair, he looks in and see the problem and takes the teeth that are sick.  so patti and i arive there at the proper time and the lady at the front is saying that the doctor is at the hospital and can we come back at 1030, so i’m getting ready to go back and then they call.  he’s still at the hospital and not making it in.  so i got bumped until monday.  and this visit on monday, yea- it’s not to pull the teeth, it’s just for a consulatation!   I’ve been freaking out all this time over a consultation?!!! Not cool.  i went back to the dentist office and said something like “you let me go through a week of torment and anguish for a consultation!  How dare you!  shame on you for letting me belive that.  the countless hours of sleep i’ve lost, the worry and fear i’ve been feeling!  the hours of my own research and discussions i’ve had with all these people giving me there horor stories.  is this how you treat all your patients?  the people who put thier trust in your abilties to treat us with diginity and respect”  actually i think it was more like, “i have this tooth that kinda hurts, can you fix it?”.