what am i looking for in a president?


all we need is for our president to have one bad mood day and get itchy with that big red button.  “who needs midol, i have 12 nukes of the coast of greenland”

i want someone who has the same moral track record.  I enjoy flapjacks but not flip flops. 

Although Mitt Romney i’m sure is a decent person, and i know lots of really smart Mormans, Glenn Beck for one, given the choice i’d probably give my religious vote to Mike Huckabee.  I appreciate his views on abortion and the family.

My experience vote however hands down belongs to Rudy Giuliani.  I like his tough politics approach.  Not the kind of person to take crap from others.  I like that.

Incentive wise, Barack Obama had some really great things to say about Taxes, welfare and fuel.  His use of the faith card and lack of a faith demonstration does count as a few demirts.

All this of course is dynamic and i’ll be updating this post frequently as i get the urge.