where were you this day 9 years ago?

I was doing some video editing at church when patti called me and told me to turn on the news. “what channel?” i asked. “any channel” was her reply. I don’t quiet remember me feelings from that day. i saw the first plane stuck inside one of the twin towers on tv and kept thinking to myself man that’s going to be tough to fix up. it was almost disbelief when i saw them fall.
a while later i went up to NYC and while walking around the business district, came up to a part of town that was strangely quiet. now, there is always noise around the city. traffic, people, cars, construction. but this construction area (which were everywhere). All of a sudden it struck me where we were. right in the middle of ground zero. the huge draping flag covering a hole in a building, the wreaths and memorials setup on the iron fence of a near by church.
as vivid as the day this first happened still sticks in my mind, a day that comes through even clearer was 9-12-01. The days afterwards. people donating blood, putting flags up everywhere. a common sense of patriotism and respect for each other and a new respect for human life. it gave us a new hope that we are not going to be taken by fear. that those who wish to spread terror are not going to win. as much as our world has changed post 9-11, hopefully we can remember that the greatest change is not in the hole in the middle of ny, but the change made in ourselves. as we learned about what we can accomplish just by being americans.