Where Yee-hah Meets Olé

That’s how one website described Eagle Pass.  A story came out about how two major media outlets never aired warnings about the tornodos that killed 10 people and destoryed many homes.  One of them was some mexican station and the other was Time Warner Cable.  Well.. time warner i can understand their own stupidity.  but in reality, the FCC only requires stations to us to air weekly and montly test and messages from the whitehouse.  everything else is optional.  however though, in a case like eagle pass, these stations that didnt’ send the duck farts may face scrunty for not informing the pubic, but weather alerts and civil alerts are all optional.  That being said, i have programmed many alerts on all of our stations to be ignored like marine costal warnings, and flash floods, and other frequent/annoying alerts but i do let others like hurricanes and tornnadoes pass through.  i better double check that to make sure now that i think about it.