Why do all the dentist want my wisdom teeth?

Is there something special about them that i don’t know about?  I went to the dentist today because, well.. i’m paying for the insurance, might as well use it.  this office was really strange.  first, you drive into the parking lot, and there are all these store fronts.  i don’t see this office anywhere.  so i walk around the corner of the building towards the rear and at the back of the strip mall is the door to the office.  ok.. so i walk in and it’s just a stair case that leads up.  ok… so i walk up and straight into an xray room.  with a sign that looks like it was made with word that says reception and an arrow drawn pointing to the left.  or right..  i forget.  so i follow the arrow into an exam room, and follow another arrow to a lady at a desk, and i walk around the desk to the reception area.  She hands me some forms and i walk to the waiting room with a couch and two chairs.  i chose the couch.  i sat and laid back and about sunk in to the back of the couch.  not very comfy, so i took the one throw pillow and used it as a cussion for my back and filled out the forms. s

while i’m doing that the lady at the “front” is talking to another lady about her kids encounter with some other kid on a date, going to the movies with them.  then another conversation about paternity test and her family not wanting to be a part of the baby’s life without the test and yadda yadda yadda…   i’m begining to realize that this place is full of ladies.  i mean FULL of ladies.  the three dentist that work there, yeah all women.  the assistants, all girls.  i felt a little overwhelmed with estrogen.  i should have brought something to knitt while i was waiting.  there wasn’t anyone else waiting and didn’t seam to be a flow of, well.. anyone there. so i go take xrays (the entrance) and back to wait.  then to the actuall exam room.  it’s a room with two exam chairs side by side… really kind of tight.  So i met the doctor (lady) and her assistant (lady) and they being to do there stuff.  during the procedure the water on the “cavitor” ran out so the assistant had to stop and go refill it with a jug of water (from downstairs at the water store probably) crawling between me and the chair and the other chair.  listening to the ladies talk about lady stuff. 

i have to admit the lady was very detailed in her work and i like the end result, but it was a little rough.  i feel sore now.  hungry, but not hungry. 

oh and she wants my wisdom teeth.

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