Wind, rain, and trees?

wow.. three post in one day.  Dont get used to it.

the hurricane cordinator for clear channel had me get a hold of the engineers at Baton Rouge earlier today.  They lost several stations and needed help getting back on the air with the backup system.  We were able to get all but one station back up.  Their is a tree blocking the access to the transmitter and the satelite decoder needs to be rebooted.  The poor guys out their have have a long day.  We’ll just have get some rest and try agaiin tommrow.  I listened a little to one off their stations, WJBO and it was like reliving Dolly all over again.  One of the first things to go in a storm like this is the power.   I’ve yet to see one of those fancy tv’s with a battery compartment.  Many people turn to the radio when their tv goes out… so getting these stations back on the air was a high priority.  Hopefully things will be easier tommrow.