Woke up at 4AM to get Tim Smith’s remote going tod

Woke up at 4AM to get Tim Smith’s remote going today. We were at the Mcallen Recycling center. It was interesting but now i’m ready for a nap. The AC people came by yesterday and left me with an estimate of $1364.76 to replace the entire furnace unit. Apperantly, the outside condenser is a Coleman, the indoor furnace is a Nordyne and the coil is a Ruud. So i’m getting almost no efficency at all from it because of all these mis-matched parts. But is it going to be worth spending that much to replace it. And the wiring for the relays is all messed up. The AC turns on automatcily now but now the heater won’t blow unless you manually turn the fan on. Sometime in the past, that relay must have burnt up so they completly bypassed it. THe only way to put things back the way they belong would be to replace it. *sigh* Went to this guy’s house who wants me to help him plan the wiring of his new house. This place is huge. It’s on Lake James and has this view right across the lake. I’m going to help him plan the network, fiber, tv hookups, surround sound, intercom, etc. So i went over ready to start marking off the boxes and the frame is just barely being up on the 2nd floor. So they just showed me what was what and i guess in about a month i’ll go back and maybe be ready to do some work.

ok.. i think i’m done with the main page of this site for now. I finally got the excerpt from the blog looking right. I ended up having to use a substring function within the template page to get that working right. Takes me back to my old programming days. I’m glad i’m not there anymore. Much thanks to Stephen Travis on helping me figure that one out.