Tuesday is the big day.  About once a year we have a big work day and we’re having ours early this year.  Here’s a bit of what’s going to be going on.  I’ll need as many of you guys that can show up there. 

1. Check Mic cable on Ch. 36 feed to board. Test for ground loss. 15 min

2. Stress Test mic 36 15 min

3. DMX – Lighting Test XLR cable to lighing controller. 15 min

– tools needed xlr tester, punch, soldering iron

4. Run Perminate Camera 5 and Camera 6 cable 2 hours

– tools needed RG59 Spool; scafold

5. Replace Projector (right) 30 min

6. Clean filters on old projector 30 min

– tools needed Lift

7. Run composite return from booth to control room 1 hour

– RG59 (half already done)

8. Install Camera 3 cable (control and video) 2 hours

– Scafold, lift, 26 pin cable, 15 pin control cable

9. Install medusa cables behind curtian on hooks 1 hour

– need cable hooks and medusa cable, BNC amphonal connectors, crimp tools

10. Install camera labels on video switcher 10 min

– need transperencys

11. Setup processing on board on mackie mixer 15 min

12. Install floor pocket 2 hours (do last)

– floor pocket, recriprocating saw, install grade audio cable, soldering iron

13. white balance simion camera 10 min

14. install chior tv monitor 30 min

– 35 in tv, rg 6 cable, splitter

15. program presets on remote cameras

16. install transcoder #1

17. put composite video switcher on this feed.