this morning we got up early to head to weslaco.  There was a strange problem on hotkiss, sounded like the audio was skipping.  but that’s not why we went out there.  Hannah was having a workshop for this photo contest she’s entered in.  Not really sure what to expect, we got there and i saw an old co-worker, who was actually running the contest.  we got to learn about the rules of the contest and how they would be judging.  it was really interesting.  we got to find out what others were doing and we got to get some tips from an actual professional.  I learned alot myself.  it was held at the valley garden center in weslaco.  afterwards we walked around and she got some really great shots.  she’s really getting good at this.

came home and helped tori with a movie she’s making, and then spent the rest of the evening with megan and patti watching a marathon of House.  all in all.. it was a good day.