worst pain in my life

ok last night was really rought.  The past few days have been easy.  Last night wasn’t. Didn’t get much sleep.  Then i woke up took a shower ready to visit the dr comming out of the shower were tons of messages from the station.  Everyone was off the air.  Jay was able to get most of the stations up and i worked on the rest.  Still in severe pain.  Finally made it to the dr’s office.  I was about ready to cry when they finaly saw me.  The lady was worried about dry socket but after looking at it.. it was just full of food.  so she got this syrnge thing and flushed out the holes.  Out came some of the nastiest smelling foul odered curel vial stuff you could ever imagine.  and i felt much better.  she gave me the syrnge and showed me how to use it.  i’ll be much happier now.