We actually pulled it off.  It was a great show.  From the very beginning, patti helped to set a good mood with the crew and with barry.  from then on it was smooth sailing.  I had a great staff behind me too.  Not a single thing went wrong.  UPS was a little late.. (like 6pm late) but they finally got here.  I walked outside around 3pm and there were already people standing outside.  it was crazy!  By 6 the line was huge.  So the doors open and around 6:45 it starts to dwindle down.  I was getting a little disapointed that we weren’t going to get to use the overflows… but just like mexicans.. at 6:59 they starting comming in droves again.  filled up the main building, the youth building and 3/4’s of the family life building.  The show was awesome.  A reall simple setup.. but it was still a good show.  Even for the overflow rooms.. they were enjoying it too.  Patti was directing.  I threw her a couple of wrenches.  Some frame sync problems, composite sources on one switcher, genlock on another.. but she handled it very well.  Carla was picking shots on the remotes, jimmy brining up the rear on 4, gideon on 5, simion on 6.  and for his first time. he did an amazing job.  Melissa and Marty were on spots.. Guy and Richard held down the fort in the overflow buildings.  Even Hannah was helping us tear down after all the fun was over. 

I think the best part was patty getting to drive Carman around and take him his lunch.  I get to say i know someone who got to hang out with carman. 

All in all.. it was great show.  no problems.. nothing went wrong.  you guys pulled it off.  we coudlnt’ have done it without you.