XM Radio, should I trust you?

I got a new car, well a used car but new to me, and in it came an XM receiver.  As little as I listen to the radio, I wasn’t really interested but I do enjoy listening to NPR and the local NPR (KMBH/KHID) do horrible jobs with their local programing.  The chance of listening to a national feed of NPR would be very appealing.  So I went to XM’s site and found this FAQ

How do I activate the SiriusXM radio in a new pre-owned vehicle?

So i clicked and was taken to:


that directed me to


I was prompted to enter my zip code and ESN #

Now this car was bought in a local lot so the chance of having the same zip code as the previous owner is fairly high.  I put in the info and was given this page next..

I was then giving the previous owner’s name, account number and address.

Companies who we chose to do business with should make more effort to ensure that the information we trust with them is protected.  Consumers also need to be aware of what that give out.  I try and always use my post box for an address instead of my home address.  I also give out my google# instead of my home/cell numbers.  Also assigning email addresses that can be tracked to find out who is giving it out helps greatly.