Yesterday, my parents came and had lunch with m

Yesterday, my parents came and had lunch with myself and the ladies from work..? it was nice to see them.? My dad got a phone call while we were there from my sister.? My grandma had been in the hospital because she was having trouble breathing.? Last night my sister called and said she was doing better.. ok.. so all was well.? Than late last night, my other sister called that she had died.
I guess what suprised me.. and all of us really was that we are kind of used to her being sick but she always got better.? it was just a shock.? she died.? that’s it.? finale.? I still remember when my parents were alive, we used to make a trip to come down to the “country”.? We’d come and visit them.. they had the kind of carpet i could play with my toy cars on and the carpet would leave tracks behind.? (you could rub the carpet the other way and the tracks would go away)? or when they lived in the old house and my grandma and my mom and aunt and everyone was working on my blanket.? yeah.. it just all came as a shock.? anyway.? i’m going to call my sister tonight and see what we need to do.?