Yesterday worked on a problem i was getting wit

Yesterday worked on a problem i was getting with Hum-bars on the channel 7
broadcast at AGCC. I started taking apart the video equiptment over in the
control studio and ended up dismanteling EVERYTHING. Next thing i knew i had
everything unplugged and found the problem to be a faulty Modulator. So now that
everything is unplugged i decided to rebuild the production suite the way i’ve
always wanted it to be. I actually got the idea from the control suite at
Channel 5, KRGV. Their control room is laid out really neat, when you walk in,
master control is facing the entrance. They are all laid out in a wall of racks.
you can then walk behind the rack wall and have access to the rear pannel of all
the equiptment. then in front of that is audio/dubbing/feeds, vtr’s etc. again
on a wall of rack, you can walk behind that to the news control room, again with
space for rear access than the next room is the actuall news room. the key to
all of this is controll access in front for operation and rear access for
modification and repair. so i took switching control in our studio and put that
in the front, with camera control againts the wall next to switching on the left
hand side. On the right hand side of switching is CCUs, scopes, audio control,
modulators, vtrs, dubbing on a desk. you can walk behind that and have access to
all the pannels. In that same area is production/editing bays. I still need to
put all that back together but i’ll get to that later. I just wanted to get the
system back up and running for the program tonight.

this morning we had
tim’s remote at RGV foot clinic. I had to get up at 4:30 this morning to be
there at 5:30 to setup. The show did have a few problems, some of which im not
to sure why it happened but i’ll be recreating the remote here to find the
problem. Did some initial test and can’t make the system repeat the problem.
It’s almost like the system looped back itself. anyway. tonight is the christmas
program. i’m actually kind of excited about this. putting alot of work into it.
hope it turns out well. At 5:30 it was very cold this morning, a whoping 35