another busy day.  went by church in the morning to work on this install with the welder, then came to work for a while, at noon i got to have lunch with patti and then head over to the ranch for the funeral.  I got to see alot of people i hadn’t seen.. well.. since the last funeral.  We need to quit meeting at these things.  We need a wedding or something in our calendar.

4 thoughts on “Yesterday”

  1. frawgster? the first thing that popped into my head was, OJ? So then i check out the website, and sure enough (after a whois search) OJ. If their was ever anyone who had dirt on me.. it would be OJ and my brother Isaac.

  2. damn im good. am i really that anonymous? it took a whois search to trace me back to my website…

    the word of the day is………redundant

    yep…ive got the goods on john alright…


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