you people and your demands

pastor rented out the main building to the edinburg school district for some training thing they are doing. he has the bad habbit of giving out my cell phone number to anyone who asks. so needless to say, they have been calling me for a few weeks now. no kidding, i’ve spoken to like 5 people and have had atleast 10 conversations with them asking them what they want, and what they need. They wanted to use the projectors, i was like fine- you need 5pin RGB (H and V Sync) and the responces ranged from “ok.. so we just need a laptop?” ” What’s that” “Uh, let me get back to you” so they show up today and i recite the recording i’ve already memoriized. They bring in their tech people and they try and figure out a way to make it work. Finally they decide they can decode to composite, then input into the Echolab, use the Extron to convert the composite and back into the projectors. I was suprised they were able to come up with that much. So despite the chanting of aaron, i gave in and decided to help them out to make it work. They would have to deal with the fact that they are going to have to use low-resolution 640×480 video, interlace-flicker and the fact that their laptop isn’t sending me a sync signal so the projectors may lose sync at any point, they agreed and when i finally left- it was working. i wonder how they ended up.